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Bringing the ultimate luxury spa experience online


How to give people the feeling of being at a spa resort before they’ve ever been there? The new Elysium website needed to offer this opportunity through an immersive digital experience.


A luxurious and sophisticated website that gives visitors an introduction to the Elysium brand through a streamlined customer journey using high quality photography.


An engaging website with increased conversion from an improved customer journey.



Elysium had a poorly performing website that didn’t communicate its unique selling points well to their customers. We conducted a thorough market and competitor analysis in combination with a detailed user experience research to optimize the site’s experience. This allowed us to be able to decide what Elysium had to communicate and improve.


Showing the right content and changing the look and feel of the website was the primary design challenge. The Elysium resort gives visitors the ultimate luxury spa experience and of course the website had to reflect that grand and luxury feeling.  

We decided on a subtle design with soft gradients to highlight the images and 360º shots from the resort. All photos were produced in-house. We included innovative features like a street view mode to walk users through the Elysium facilities, where they can add the various treatments to their wishlist, helping them decide if Elysium is the spa for them. Rearranging the menu with the most popular customer presets (e.g. two tickets instead of one as the default) polished the customer journey making the booking process more intuitive and easy.



We introduced online reservations to make sure that the experience of booking a treatment runs smoothly. What happens when someone at the resort wants a manicure at the same time as you do when you’re booking from the website and the other person books directly at the location? We streamlined and centralised this booking process.

System Integrations

Payment systems, internal CRM

Tech partners


  • Custom 360º photography produced in-house.
  • Implementing a street view mode into the website to make it more engaging.


DPDK | 2013

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