DPDK ABM campaign


Building long-lasting relationships through account-based marketing


Build awareness within Heineken about our long-standing partnership and create new sales opportunities across different teams and departments. 


A stronger relationship with Heineken, facilitated by an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign that combines online and offline channels and is designed to surprise and delight prospects through a gift and extensive partnership guide.


The campaign had a high level of engagement and a conversion rate that was well above the industry benchmark of 3.5-5%. We locked in an ample number of meetings for our sales team and laid a solid foundation for future collaboration with Heineken. 

average conversion rates


We’ve been working with Heineken for more than ten years. From building innovative platforms to creating unique brand experiences, we’ve established a strong working relationship. 

Being one of the largest companies in the Netherlands, Heineken has more than 85,000 employees working in various departments. Heineken is an international brand with a strong presence in over 190 countries. We knew we could help other teams and departments in the organization become better digital versions of themselves too. To get there, we needed to build awareness about DPDK and our successful partnership with Heineken across different departments. That’s when the idea to launch an ABM campaign took form. 


We used a combination of online and offline channels for the campaign. Part of the offline approach was to send a package to our prospects. Each package contained a gift and a guide that walks prospects through our partnership with Heineken. The guide looks back at all the projects we’ve worked on together over the years, offers a sneak peek into what’s in the works, and charts a course for Heineken’s digital future. 

The gift is an illustration of the prospect, inspired by one of Heineken’s most famous campaigns. The guide and illustrations are designed in line with DPDK’s illustration design system to ensure brand consistency. 

‘A lot of effort was put into the strategy, planning, and execution of this campaign, and it’s great to see our hard work pay off. The results have been remarkable, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for DPDK and Heineken.’

Paul Jitta
Global Growth Director


  • Deep-diving into our long-standing partnership with Heineken to create the guide and revisiting memories from past projects
  • Using one of Heineken’s most famous campaigns for our own campaign 
  • Combining online and offline channels to strengthen and expand our partnership and seeing such great results!
DPDK | 2022

Paul Jitta

Chief Growth Officer

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