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An interactive microsite about sustainable brewing practices


Create a platform where Heineken can answer questions regarding the sustainability of their production processes. 


An interactive website filled with engaging content designed to educate visitors about Heineken’s path and progress towards sustainable production.


The microsite has been incorporated within Heineken’s global corporate website. 


As a global brand, Heineken takes the responsibility of minimizing their ecological footprint seriously. 
Nowadays, sustainability reports are not meeting modern customer expectations and there is an increasing focus on environmental impact and sustainable production. Heineken wanted to inform its customer base on its efforts towards sustainable practices.
We optimized the customer experience by designing the website around emotional triggers and engaging content. Visitors can discover Heineken’s pursuit of sustainable improvement and climate neutrality in an interactive and informative microsite.


To maximize engagement and session length, we incorporated the Heineken brand design system while adding new visual elements and animations to the design. 
The experience is designed in bite-sized fragments of information to reduce reading time, while micro animations prompt visitors to discover more content. 

The site explores all stages of the brewing process using text and imagery. Infographics and animations illustrate Heineken’s sustainable brewing and recycling processes. Visitors can leave ideas for sustainability through a “green suggestion”. 


We've built a custom HTML/CSS solution that could be embedded within the current Sitecore infrastructure. TweenMax allowed us to create exceptional animations while ensuring an easy read. 

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  • Contributing to Heineken’s sustainability efforts by creating a microsite that educates consumers about the company’s sustainable brewing practices.
  • Working together with a frontrunner in sustainable brewing that takes pride in minimizing its ecological footprint.
DPDK | 2018

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