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Giving a leading Buy Now Pay Later provider a friendly face


Help Billink, a Dutch Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider, revamp their brand strategy to create a stronger brand experience and increase awareness.


A refreshed look and feel that captures the emotional resonance of Billink’s brand and elevates the experience. The rebranding was incorporated into an awareness campaign and is supported by a brand compass, brand values, brand personality, and extensive guidelines.


The revamped brand was revealed when Billink was crowned the number 1 BNPL provider in the Netherlands by Emerce. Billink leveraged that momentum to launch a multi-channel awareness campaign, and has received a lot of positive responses!   

brand reveal


Billink wanted to give their customers a better brand experience and needed help overhauling their brand identity to humanize their brand. 

We kicked off the project with an extensive brand assessment to identify the areas that needed improvement. Based on the insights, we solidified Billink’s purpose, mission, vision, and brand values to create a strong brand foundation. 

Billink’s mission is to turn every shopper into a happy one with their seamless BNPL solution. Trust is crucial here. For that reason, we positioned the brand to connote friendliness, evoke emotion, and let it speak to consumers’ hearts. 


We started Billink's brand identity revamp with the logo. While the existing logo was distinctive, it didn’t represent Billink as a company. After developing different concepts, we settled on one where we inserted a smiling face in the letter “b” and turned it into a brand icon too. The icon is often used as a stand-alone item and gives that first impression of a trusted and happy friend. 

We tweaked the color palette and swapped their gray with the color blood orange. This is a happier and more energetic color that fits better with the image Billink wants to portray. Billink’s typography needed a clear hierarchy for consistency, and we created guidelines for that and photography too. On top, an extensive photo library that captures different stages of the customer journey was created. 

Once the branding was finalized, we created ads for TV, YouTube, and the Emerce magazine. With the new look and feel Billink is ready to become the biggest Dutch BNPL provider.


  • Working with the Netherlands’ number 1 BNPL provider! 
  • Designing Billink’s new logo and icon was a challenging, but fun process. Looking at that friendly smile gives us an instant happiness boost. 
DPDK | 2021

Pim van Helten


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