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Help Viamo refresh their brand strategy and develop a future-proof website that accurately conveys the newly established Viamo brand.


An innovative corporate website that reflects Viamo's fortified brand strategy and communicates their product suite in a clear way. Their values, mission, vision, brand personality, and tone of voice successfully capture the essence of Viamo and humanize the brand. 


The new website not only looks and feels modern but also displays Viamo’s mission in an understandable manner. The go-live has just taken place and the first reactions have been positive. So far so good!

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Viamo enables NGOs, governments, and businesses to reach and inform people who live in low-income countries through simple mobile phones. Viamo wanted their brand and website to clearly communicate what they stand for and how they operate to ultimately increase conversion rates. 

We began by revising Viamo’s brand strategy to better express their brand story, vision, mission, and values. Following multiple workshops to get to the core of Viamo, we unpacked and dissected the existing brand strategy and redefined it to accurately reflect who they are and what they do.

Viamo already had a strong brand identity, so after the brand strategy, we worked on Viamo’s brand personality and tone of voice. We wanted to show their knowledgeable, optimistic, fresh, and down-to-earth nature. These traits helped us position Viamo as a tech company that puts people first.


The refreshed brand was then translated into Viamo’s new corporate website. The goal was to build a website that reflects Viamo’s values and sets them apart from competitors in an innovative way. We used Viamo’s extensive photo gallery to humanize the brand and switched the technology images with the photos of people they help.

The homepage now contains a five-step process diagram that explains Viamo’s simple yet radical solution. We also strategically placed contact buttons and forms throughout the website to increase conversion rates. 

Using Viamo’s existing brand identity we created a more sleek and clean look and feel for the website. Adjusting the color saturation added a modern touch. With their new website, Viamo is ready to connect more humanitarian organizations with people.


The new Viamo website was built using WordPress, HTML, and CSS, with a low-cost, easy-to-use mindset. The website is integrated with Hubspot.

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  • Collaborating with a client whose goal is to help communities in remote areas to be better informed. 
  • Enabling Viamo to provide compelling information and increase conversion rates.
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