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Help a fashion retailer win at e-commerce


Translate a fashion retailer’s design ethos into an e-commerce website that sets the brand apart from the crowd.


A unique webshop centered around the brand's authentic values that uses a custom made lookbook for a unique e-commerce experience. 


For the first time, customers could buy Scotch & Soda’s products directly online. 

e-commerce website


Scotch & Soda aspired to build a unique e-commerce experience. We achieved this goal by creating a webshop that carried Scotch & Soda’s signature products and mirroring the experience of their brick-and-mortar shops. 

To further set the website apart, a blog was integrated into the webshop, curated and written by international fashion bloggers and influencers. All in all, the new website reflects the brand’s design ethos: authentic, individual and eclectic.



The brand’s distinctive visuals were showcased in the lookbook to pull the customers into Scotch & Soda’s world. The fully immersive and responsive lookbook invited customers to browse through the collections in an inspiring full-screen environment. 
Photography was the main hero as the webshop was developed as a visually appealing lookbook. The products in the photographs were accompanied by “Buy now” and “Share” buttons to offer customers the opportunity to purchase the products or share them with friends and family.
The built-in map service enabled customers to find the nearest store.  


The webshop was custom built with HTML5, Phalcon PHP and Drupal and integrated a secure payment gateway. The lookbook was responsive to mouse movements, visitors could effortlessly slide left and right to view different looks. 

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  • Helping a global fashion brand launch a unique e-commerce experience.
  • A highly creative project that combined photography and web design.
DPDK | 2010

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