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The digital transformation of a visionary eHealth startup


Bring the concept of DNA testing to the market and launch a reliable and secure website and portal where customers can get valuable insights from their DNA profile.


An innovative website that is integrated with a world-leading laboratory and a personalized customer portal through which customers can make better lifestyle choices. 


The new website led to an increase of 200% in sales.

increase in sales


DNA analysis has long been strictly the domain of scientists. Pure Genetic Lifestyle wanted to make DNA analysis available for regular consumers and give them access to personalized health advice and predisposition to genetic diseases.  

The strategic challenge was to create a brand new website that was elegant, reliable and incorporated a secure portal where customers could access their DNA data. The initial step was to create a new brand personality. From there, we tested different versions among the target audience to ensure all customer needs were covered. 
Ultimately, the prototype matured into an entire ecosystem based on the new personality: from website to customer portal and personalized book with DNA test results.

To bring the idea of DNA testing to the market, a brand activation process was started. As a result, we generated a high flow of traffic to the website through SEO, campaigns, press releases and content production.


The goal was to fully rebrand the company: from website to logo, the DNA kit, color palette, and everything that's needed for brand design.
Pure Genetic Lifestyle converts customer’s DNA data into engaging content and lifestyle advice. To make their content even more engaging, we designed an elegant and personalized book that kickstarts the customer’s improved lifestyle. This book contains the customer's key results and tailored advice derived from their genetic data.
We also created a secure and private customer portal called MyPURE where customers can login and get insights from their unique DNA profile. The portal works as a seamless interactive app that helps customers improve their health, sport performance, and beauty by advising on optimal lifestyle changes. 


It was a technologically complex project, because of the many features that had to be integrated and the heavy use of data in the customer portal. Presenting the DNA data in a custom dashboard and giving customers the option to order a hard copy book with personalized advice was the technical icing on the cake.

System Integrations

Printshop, Laboratorium API, Ingenico Payments

Tech partners

‘“Our DNA is the building blocks of our body. With the help of the latest technology, it is now possible to optimize your life based on your genes. DPDK has been able to turn this technology into a personal journey of discovery that provides insight into how you can change your lifestyle.” ’

Maarten van Dijk
CEO at Pure Genetic Lifestyle


  • Great example of successfully bringing the idea of DNA testing to the market. 
  • A fruitful partnership with an innovative client that strives to thrive in the eHealth business by assisting customers with attaining a healthier lifestyle. 
DPDK | 2017

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