Adding personality to a global company

How do you show that Fagron is not only a pharmaceutical production company, but a company that thinks in tailor made care for people around the globe? By creating a website that tells stories, adding a personal touch that inspires visitors.

Personal Approach.
Fagron is the global market leader in pharmaceutical compounding and the customer is at the root of their business. Therefore Fagron needed a website that communicates that proposition. Based on their core value; the belief that every person may need different medication, we developed a digital domain that goes from storytelling to products.
Patient stories.
Success stories of patients who have been helped by Fagron provide visitors with information about Fagron products and their customers. The case studies entail the stories of a diverse selection of patients, each with different problems and tailor-made solutions. Full-screen photography gives each case study that personal touch, once again reinforcing that the only standard in curing people should be quality.
Being a global leader, Fagron has no less than 34 country sites around the world. Where we have to global site telling the company story, each country site focuses on products and service. Each country site boasts specified language settings, localised content and a local webshop.
Product Innovations.
Fagron brings product innovations on the market all non-stop. That's way all product information is available on the website, including certificates and documentation.
Going in depth.
Everything clients may be looking for is available on the different websites. Just use our easy-to-navigate megamenu to search and find anything you might need.