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Bringing artists and fans together through the ultimate fan app


Create an online platform where fans can meet and greet their famous heroes and interact with each other.


A mobile app that provides exclusive content for Nick & Simon fans, including a full discography, musical sneak peeks and exclusive photos.


High engagement between fans and musicians and a 4-star rating in app stores. 


Nick & Simon are a tremendously popular Dutch singer-songwriter duo that has a large social following. To give fans unrestricted access to exclusive content and the duo’s social media channels, the Nick & Simon fan app was developed. 
The app served as the heart of Nick & Simon’s social content strategy. It gave fans access to a special live-feed that not only showed the duo’s social postings, but also what their fans posted about them. This was a great way to create excitement and build a sense of community. The app also featured a VIP Member section with exclusive content for the most dedicated followers. 

To attract attention for the app’s launch, the latest Nick & Simon video clip was released exclusively within the app. The largest entertainment TV show in the Netherlands picked up on the hype and asked for an interview with the duo, boosting downloads even more. 


Nick & Simon needed a space where their fanbase could come together and celebrate their love for music. The app was built around a content library and two-way live-stream. 

A lot of exciting features were put into the app. Exclusive images from the duo’s Bandcamp app were shared. Members were given the opportunity to stream all Nick & Simon’s music and were able to download their albums via iTunes. Users also had access to the duo’s tour dates and could buy concert tickets in the app directly. Exclusive competitions and countdowns to important events around Nick & Simon were held on a regular basis. 

The most die-hard fans could get access to a VIP section for behind the scenes photos, musical sneak peeks and exclusive interviews. They also received notifications of exclusive deals, giveaways and could listen to new music before anyone else.


We developed two native iOS and Android apps to reach as many fans as possible. JavaScript and React were used to build the user interface. The apps were specifically built to host a big content library and support payments for concert tickets and albums. 

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  • Releasing Nick & Simon’s new music video “Geluksmoment” with the launch of the app.
  • Combining the vast collection of Nick & Simon content into one place and offering their fans a unique experience. 
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