KNMP Knowledge bank

Tailored web application

The primary digital source of information for Dutch pharmacists


Design an innovative, digital tool that will improve a pharmacist's workflow, optimizes patient experience and interaction, and will be viewed as the number 1 authority on medicine and medication advice.


An acknowledges, widely used and efficient interface helping both junior and senior pharmacists be better and more effective in assisting and servicing people, by having easier-to-find information that saves time and helps patients to be more self-reliant.


On average, pharmacists use Kennisbank 12 times a day. It has been rolled out and made available to all pharmacists in the Netherlands.

times a day


Offering 100,000’s of resources, the KNMP Kennisbank is the primary knowledge center for Dutch pharmacists. To find exactly what you’re looking for in no time, we had to make complex things really simple.


When the focus of UX lies on content, strip away as much as you can. That’s why we designed a very functional interface based on the color codes of Encyclopedias, each color representing a different area of pharmacy expertise.

‘‘Since 2011 DPDK has helped us out with the design and development of our products that we offer pharmacies and the broader health environment in The Netherlands. Their look on online experiences combined with exceptional design adds an extra dimension to our products. Together we have developed a style that gives our visitors and customers a certain feeling of recognition through the range of our online products. Developing this product-family feeling has been paramount in our relationship. By listening well and co-creating DPDK has helped us make this a success.‘’

Bill Marks


Working with sensitive information requires a safe and reliable environment. We used different technical layers that communicate seamlessly with each other to guarantee a secure, reliable and   flow of information, Obviously, Kennisbank is available on every device giving pharmacists access when they want it, where they want it..

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