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Re-designing the primary digital source of information for Dutch pharmacists


Redesign an innovative digital tool that serves as the go-to knowledge base for pharmacists, helping them improve their workflows and providing them with up-to-date subject matter information. 


A widely-used and efficient knowledge base that supports pharmacists and their teams to provide better patient care. 


The website has been rolled out and made available to all KNMP registered pharmacies in the Netherlands. On average, they use Kennisbank up to 12 times a day to support patients nation-wide.

times a day


The KNMP Knowledge Bank is the primary center of knowledge for Dutch pharmacists, offering more than 100,000 online resources. With the aim to make the website more user-friendly, searchability and usability became a priority. The website was streamlined and now features the most prominent categories and searches on an easy-to-navigate page. Specific and detailed information is accessible through an extensive search engine. 

The knowledge bank allows pharmacists to find information in the most time-efficient way. We combined the search features of Google, Wikipedia, and other popular user interfaces to make the searching and cross-referencing functions work seamlessly.


We designed a functional interface that relies on multiple color-coded encyclopedias, containing specific content traditionally only available in hardcopy books. The website’s home page features a large search field with shortcuts to the main categories and most used pages.

To ensure users can find the right information as quickly as possible, the website is designed with cross-referencing options. Users can easily switch to different “encyclopedias” to find the right information. 

‘Since 2011 DPDK has helped us out with the design and development of our products that we offer pharmacies and the broader health environment in The Netherlands. Their look on online experiences combined with exceptional design adds an extra dimension to our products. Together we have developed a style that gives our visitors and customers a certain feeling of recognition through the range of our online products. Developing this product-family feeling has been paramount in our relationship. By listening well and co-creating DPDK has helped us make this a success.’

Bill Marks


Working with sensitive information requires a safe and reliable environment. We separated the front end and API layers to make sure the presentation layer could not be compromised from a security perspective. 

The API layer has a built-in check (LDAP) with an internal login system that verifies users and checks real-time if they have access to specific pages. The whole system relies on subscriptions so it was important to restrict access for users without logins or limited roles and rights. 

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  • Working with KNMP to improve pharmacy productivity and help pharmacists and their teams provide better patient care. 
  • Building a platform that hosts complex medical and pharmaceutical information while being user-friendly and easy to navigate.
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