Tailored web application

Creating an exclusive members-only club


Enabling a personal and intimate way to directly interact with Pernod Ricard’s high-end customers.


A unique customer-relationship platform that allows Pernod Ricard to communicate with their customers on a personal level.


After seeing the improvements in their customer relationship management, Pernod Ricard is now planning to introduce the platform globally. 

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At first, knowledge and data on Pernod Ricard’s high-end customers were kept within the sales department of the organization. To use these insights at a wider scale we launched the invite-only club. The app services use private communication channels and a web portal to create a personalized and exclusive experience.

The Intimi web app develops a direct relationship with customers and offers custom experiences such as tastings, masterclasses and access to exclusive events. Customer data is collected through active and engaging interactions, allowing Pernod Ricard to stay in touch with their customers on a personal level, understand what they like and forge a long-lasting customer relationship.


We build a new luxury experience without the Pernod Ricard branding. By developing multiple personas, we made sure that the portal addressed the needs of the target audience. After extensive prototyping, a new brand, Intimi, was crafted from scratch and launched as an exclusive 'members-only' club. 

Visually, Intimi is carefully balancing classic and contemporary design. The personalized landing pages include limited-time invitations with personal signatures of the Pernod Ricard brand ambassadors. The web app’s design is timeless yet cutting edge and uses classical colors and metropolitan textures to get a luxurious look and feel.


The Intimi platform integrates several services such as Whatsapp and the company’s internal Pernod Ricard ambassadors system. The Intimi club manager function is linked to a user’s phone contacts so they can invite their friends to the platform's exclusive events.

System Integrations

Salesforce, WhatsApp and the information ecosystem of Pernod Ricard.

Tech partners


  • After a successful demo in the Netherlands, the Pernod Ricard headquarters is planning to implement the platform globally across all countries where Pernod Ricard is active. 
  • This project provided an opportunity for amazing collaborations between many disciplines, from motion design and 3D to UX, UI, technology and strategy.
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