Tailored web application

Creating an illusive members-only club


Enable richer, personal and more intimate, direct ways to interact with high-end customers.


An exclusive customer-relationship platform that enables personalized offerings.


Globally enabled to local sales teams for all Pernod Ricard brands.


Extending the PR ecosystem with an exclusive members-club. Develop a direct relationship and collect data about the target group by having an active, relevant and engaging conversation through personalized offerings. Integrate various communication types to create a relevant fundament and to be ‘where they are.


Set up as an exclusive 'members only' club, we crafted brand from the ground up, starting with a fitting name and logo. The word 'intimi' hails from Latin and means 'close friends'. Visually, INTIMI connects heritage with contemporary, and timeless with cutting edge through colour, textures, typography and motion design.


All communication is made and tracked with the INTIMI club manager app: a custom app using your phone’s contacts, boosting black book management to a whole new degree of relationship management. Creating offers, keeping track of invitation statuses, upcoming events and invitee activity are some of the app’s primary features.

System Integrations

Salesforce integration

Tech partners


After a successful demo in the Netherlands, HQ adapted the platform and rolled out across all countries where Pernod Ricard is active.

DPDK | 2018
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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