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Help Hotelschool The Hague position itself as a leader in hospitality management and attract international students by improving the user experience (UX) of their website. 


A corporate CMS website that converts visitors using a modern brand strategy. 


The amount of information on the website is reduced by 80%, making it easier to navigate. Visitors rate the website an 8.5 out of 10. 

out of 10


The main objectives for the redesign of the website were to clarify the value proposition of the Hotelschool, increase its search engine rank, and eventually attract more students to apply.

In order to create that grand five-star feeling, a market survey was conducted among top food services and hotel businesses. The most important insights were incorporated into the site. 

The Design Thinking method was used, which takes a human-centered approach in finding improvements in the UX. It solves the most important issues in customer journeys. The basis of the new design utilizes the newly developed UX proposition.

The website is designed to draw visitors’ attention to specific pages to increase conversion rates. SEO success is guaranteed through an elaborate content strategy and improved technical infrastructure.


Simplicity is key. Hotelschool The Hague offers a lot of information, but by working with filters, the amount of information featured in one go has been reduced by 80%. 

Website visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for without distractions. All content is shown in a clear and easy to navigate overview with menus and links to help visitors browse effortlessly. All information is easily accessible and leaves visitors wanting to find out more. The homepage functions as a funnel, communicating the Hotelschool’s unique selling point and offers tailored content to different target groups. 

The site features new, vibrant photography that gives the feeling of an exclusive hotel and exemplifies the five-star character of the Hotelschool. 


The website was completely built in HTML5 with a Drupal CMS. We created the homepage as a funnel that offers tailored content to different target groups. Customizable blocks guide visitors to the exact information they’re looking for.

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  • Using custom-made video footage to give the website a five-star look and feel. 
  • Reducing website and information clutter by 80% to ensure a smooth browsing experience.
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