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Giving a fintech start-up a new online home


Help ABN AMRO launch a new website and brand identity for its disruptive fintech start-up with the objective to attract and convert prospects. 


A distinctive fintech platform that offers excellent global currency exchange services to international businesses.


The new website and brand identity increased conversion by 35%. 



Franx is an ABN AMRO start-up that offers a unique online platform for currency exchange and international payments. As a customer you get a multi-currency account which enables you to send and receive payments in 33 different currencies.  We were tasked with building the Franx brand and the platform.

The website offers all options and functionalities that a modern customer portal needs and conveys the unique benefits of Franx’ product. 

The design is intriguing and fintech-like, but at the same time also classic and trustworthy. Trust is further enhanced by using popular UX patterns. The brand identity was created with the image of an industry-disrupting bank in mind. 



As a start-up company, Franx did not have a large repository of visuals and products. The predominant design challenge was how to build an attractive website relying on illustrations, videos and animations to compensate for missing visual content. 

Illustrations and animations were used to introduce the product and explain how it works. The original website had no live demo, we created a way for visitors to test Franx’s product.

We  built the website’s content and developed a style guide for the Franx brand to ensure cohesion between any future content that would be added to the website. With the improved visual content and a unique web design, Franx was transformed into a recognizable brand that serves a unique purpose. 


The Franx website is completely dynamic and built with a headless CMS architecture. The website has extensive options to change features. It also connects several forms together to generate as many leads as possible.

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  • We were given the opportunity to collaborate with a fast-moving fintech team in designing an exceptional platform. 
  • We could approach the project from a holistic perspective, with direct input into the design, product and content of the Franx website.  
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