Firstleaf TVC


Celebrating firsts in every box


Help Firstleaf, a subscription-based wine club, drive awareness and leverage emotional storytelling to build a memorable brand.


Two heart touching TV commercials that help establish the Firstleaf brand and are promoted on several stations nationwide as well as social media. The ads take Firstleaf’s target audience on a journey of first experiences.


The commercials put the Firstleaf brand on the map and forge a meaningful connection with their customers.

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Based in the United States, Firstleaf provides world-class wines tailored to customers’ unique tastes. After customers complete an online taste quiz, Firstleaf’s algorithm gets to work and takes the guesswork out of wine selection. To increase brand awareness among young wine enthusiasts Firstleaf wanted to run TV commercials (TVC). 

Emotional branding is key to successfully attracting and connecting customers with a brand. We knew we had to go beyond the ‘buy 6 bottles for $’ type of commercial. Which is why we started with Firstleaf’s core values, refreshed the brand strategy, and worked from there. 

Tinkering with the brand name eventually led us to the campaign strategy of celebrating firsts. Being special and memorable, first experiences are great for emotive storytelling and building deeper connections.  


The commercials needed to tell the story and magic of first experiences, and reflect how Firstleaf gives new “firsts” to customers with new wines in every box. We started off with the idea of telling the story of different people and narrowed it down to a young couple to make it relatable for the young wine enthusiast Firstleaf is targeting. 

Starting from the moment the couple locks eyes with each other, the story takes the audience on a journey of the couple’s other firsts - their first kiss, first holiday, and first home together. Each scene subtly shows wine glasses or a bottle and reflects Firstleaf’s tagline “A first in every box”. The story unfolds itself in a 30-second commercial and we even made a holiday edition for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

‘Execution is the only strategy that a consumer sees. DPDK demonstrated their ability to build equity in the Firstleaf name through emotive storytelling that seamlessly ties back to our brand benefits. The most effective advertising is steeped in how a brand makes you feel. We’re confident that our new campaign will leave people smiling while generating awareness of Firstleaf in a meaningful way.’

Patty Montagno
Head of Brand and Creative at Firstleaf


  • Getting our creative juices flowing to produce the TVC was a lot of fun.
  • With the TVCs we got a chance to see our hard work on the refreshed Firstleaf brand come alive.
  • Seeing your own work on TV is always a highlight! 
DPDK | 2021

Michael Vromans

Chief Creative Officer

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