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Showcasing the future of personalized medicine


Integrate all local country websites into one global home that shows Fagron is a reliable and well-known pharmaceutical company creating tailor-made healthcare for patients all over the globe.


The consolidation of 34 regional websites in a single, redesigned shared global environment that communicates Fagron’s brand values and mission.


Increased visibility of the Fagron brand and an 11% increase in keyword ranking.

increase in keyword ranking


Fagron is the global leader in pharmaceutical compounding. The company supports the unique selling point of customized medication and improving patients’ quality of life.

Fagron needed a new website that communicated that vision and at the same time centralized their local branch websites into one global home. Based on their core value: the belief that every person needs a personal approach and customized medication, we developed a digital domain that revolves around storytelling and products.



The design challenge was that Fagron had no less than 34 websites around the world without a consistent brand identity. We developed a global website that tells the company’s story and links to the country websites that focus on the products and services available in each market. Each country website boasts local language settings, localized content and a webshop.
The website design features success stories of patients who have been helped by Fagron. This provides visitors information about Fagron’s products and their customers. The case studies entail the stories of a diverse selection of patients, each with different problems that were solved by Fagron’s tailor-made solutions. Full-screen photography gives each case study a personal touch, conveying trustworthiness throughout the website.



Fagron was our first multilingual and multi site solution. Maxmind’s geoIP allows visitors to be directed to the correct country website using their IP address. The website is connected to Fagron’s webshops via Single Sign On (SSO) so customers can log in into local and global platforms with the same account.


System Integrations

LDAP & geoIP check.


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  • 34 country sites were consolidated and integrated into one global platform!  
  • Huge increase in traffic due to improved SEO of the websites.


DPDK | 2013

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