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Develop a trustworthy, secure and independent industry-wide platform for a very diverse target audience.


The number 1 medicine-platform in the Netherlands, giving personalized advice and information about use, substance and all in between.


1.700.000 visitors a month, number 1 in search engines and site of the year.

Position in search engines


Extensive user-testing amongst the target audience for user-experience, design, and usability before and during development contributed immensely to an optimal customer experience, which was the strategic focal point.

Apotheek.nl offers information about almost all medicines available in the Netherlands and links these to diseases and complaints. Because eHealth is an important theme, KNMP wants to offer visitors more convenience and speed.

Before and during the development of the platform, we tested the concept extensively among users for user experience, design, and usability, among other things. We have done this to achieve the best possible result for the user, who is central to this project.


User research showed visitors search for information in more than one way. This is why users are offered multiple ways to search; directly by medicine name, active substance, but also by type of complaint or by theme.

In most cases, visitors land on detail pages through Google. The web pages are designed in a way the amount of information is minimized. The responsive design allows the website to be consulted on all devices. A lot of attention went to design medicine pages as trustworthy as possible. Showing the pharmacists on each page was part of that strategy.

Other functions that are partly developed through customer-centered design within Apotheek.nl are a pharmacy finder, a chat service, and a QR scanner of medicine packaging to find the right information immediately.

Content production Information on Apotheek.nl should be easy to grasp and easy to find. It's why Apotheek.nl offers a wide array of content, such as explanatory videos, infographics, read speaker functionality, theme pages with custom content and an icon library illustrating the effects of specific use of medicine.

‘‘Since the year of 2011 DPDK has helped us out with the design and development of our products we offer the pharmacy’s and the broader health environment. Their look on online experiences combined with exceptional design adds an extra dimension to our products. Together we have developed a style that gives our visitors and customers a certain feeling of recognition through the range of our online products. By listening well and co-creating DPDK has helped us making this a success.‘’

Bill Marks


This Progressive Web App is built on top of the PHP/Phalcon backend. The CMS is built headless in Drupal. PWA technology enabled the platform to offer downloading categorized offline content. The web camera API is also enabled to make photos of barcodes to find your information. Google Maps is used to find the nearest pharmacies. The search functionality is built on top of the SOLR engine.

System Integrations

Multiple internal REST API’s, Google Cloud API’s, SOLR

Tech partners


The site gets top scores through user panels, we produced hundreds of videos with authentic pharmacists and there was a specific approach for illiteracy.

DPDK | 2018
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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