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Sourcy's Dutch heritage.

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Sourcy is one of the finest Dutch mineral table waters. But never before did they claim and exhibit their Dutch heritage, quality and pride. We set out to showcase all of their portfolio on a website that tells and shows the story of this Dutch water source.

We combined Sourcy products, their brand history and production facts with imagery of that typical Dutch lifestyle. Because when you live in the Netherlands, you better get used to water: with 185 days of rain a year, a sea that sits higher than our land and countless lakes and rivers all throughout the country, water plays a large role in every Dutch life.



A premium product deserves the spotlight. That’s why we took all of Sourcy’s products out of their surrounding and into the spotlight for you to discover. By separating the website’s background, storytelling and products, we created multiple layers that work with each other while navigating the website. An easy and intuitive flow around the site supports the quality look & feel.

We open the website with Sourcy’s latest commercial and extend it to the interactive portfolio. A modernised look & feel combined with red, white and blue animations and transitions bring class and sparkle. Within the portfolio you can discover all different Sourcy products down to the smallest nutritional value.

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Click or swipe through this portfolio website from left to right and top to bottom. All transition are seamless through directional based SVG animations boasting the colors of the Dutch flag.

The history and products sections feature horizontal scrolling and dynamic & responsive parallax animations. Want to find out everything about your favorite drink? Click, dive deeper and discover. All in all it’s a portfolio as refreshing as the Sourcy brand. Cheers!

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