An action-packed mobile campaign game

How do you create a game that captures the feeling and intensity of an action-packed commercial and is both fun to play and usable across many devices? We set out to do just that.

The Idea.

In Peugeot’s spectacular commercial, a ‘James Bond’ like driver races through a frozen landscape evading a jet, breaking ice, an attack helicopter and a huge halfpipe. Our idea: have the user re-enact the frozen lake scene by outrunning the breaking ice.


We started prototyping towards the game design that had the right steering controls, breaking ice and viewing angle for the best game experience.

3D Rendering.

The car and ice are at the very base of the game and therefore needed to be just right. The steering behaviour while you’re drifting the ice is an exact copy of actual driving footage rendered in 3D and then rendered in every angle needed in the game.

The ice was created in 3D and then edited in a perfect looping sequence. This is loaded in the game and stays back or comes closer according to how you race.

Putting it together.

Our developers, art directors and motion designers teamed up continuously to craft all the layers the game needed, from base to power-ups.


As the game is responsive in layout, it also needed to be responsive in control, Giving you the best possible experience on both mobile devices as on desktop.

Seamless intro.

To create a seamless transition from commercial to game, the game starts with the essential chase scenes of the film. In the last shot, the real footage gets replaced by the game ice, frame by frame.

Sound design.

As in movies, sound is a vital part of the experience. We created a custom game soundtrack, complete with engine and effect sounds, spread out over four layers pf HTML; every move you make triggers another sound.

The Interface.

As the whole feels like you're embarking on a top secret mission, we inspired the design of the user interface on a fighter jet's head-up display.

Out with a bang.

But what’s a great car chase without ... explosions? That’s why we added another layer to the game in which a jet passes every 30 seconds and drops bombs on your path to avoid. And there you have it: a game that feels like an app but behaves like a website.

Honours & mentions