For the introduction of the new Peugeot 108, we created an experience that is enriched with every interaction from the user.

Based on intuition

Whether you're aware of it or not, your intuition is always there. Since the introduction of the new 108 leaned on the proposition of 'intuition', we decided to create an experience based on the most intuitive of all: music. The result is an innovative sound experience that is unlocked by intuition.

Creating a story

We were asked to build upon the existing footage of the inductory 108 TV commercial. By re-editing existing footage and adding additional footage where necessary, we created a storyline where we follow the day of a young woman navigating a city on intuition.

Interactive soundtrack

As the day unfolds, so does the soundtrack. We produced a soundtrack and split that up in sections that can be unlocked by playing it. Don't be afraid to be out of rhythm, just follow your intuition.

Press, click, tap, enjoy

Whatever you're most intuitive way of interacting is, we've got you covered. Click, press or tap and discover playful animations that build up your soundtrack. Whether you're visiting on desktop or mobile, get ready to enjoy a full screen sound experience filled to the brim with animations.

Discover the 108

After our hero got into her new 108, it's time for you to discover this neat little Peugeot. Discover what makes it so intuitive by opening different points of interest straight from the video.

Honours & mentions