Creating a source of inspiration

How do you present the beauty and uniqueness of Graziosi Progetti’s tailored projects? By creating a website that looks, feels and handles like a high-end glossy design magazine.

High-end design.
Graziosi Progetti is a top market interior designer in Holland, who knows exactly what it wants and isn’t afraid to show it. Their unique style translates into all their innovative work. So a standard website was not an option. Together with Nina Graziosi a design has been created that reflects the style of the agency. Using bold typography and large images the site feels and handles like a luxury magazine.
Showcasing the work.
Each beautiful project that Graziosi Progetti has produced is built up from an idea. So each case in the portfolio has been built up in that exact same way, giving visitors an inside look into the workings of the agency. Starting with the job and its objective, the case guides the visitor through to the solution.
Nina’s Inspiration.
Nina’s Notes offer a behind the scenes look into Nina’s life outside the agency. Nina Graziosi shares her take on the things that inspire her on her travels around the world, creating a source of inspiration for others.

Honours & mentions