An intelligent chat service
that helps prevent STD's

A complete new way of receiving advice on STD’s and Aids: a chat service to turn to for advice before seeing your doctor.


The decision threshold for visiting your doctor is quite high, especially when it comes to sexual issues. But SOA AIDS is on a mission to lower the number of STD case nationally. Together we developed a service that acts as your anonymous STD helpline; available 24/7 and providing you with automated but personal guidance and advice.


How? is a chat service that combines intricate, personalised conversation scenarios with a chatbot. This way, users have a conversation where they provide all necessary information for an advice, but can always interrupt the conversation by asking what's on their mind. The chat will first answer their question before getting back to the conversation, followed by a personal report and recommendation.



The first question we had to answer while making this semi-intelligent chat, is the identity: how to make it appear human without suggesting that you are talking to a human because simply put: you are not...


To determine the best UX and animation patterns we did extensive research into all different messaging apps and services where you have conversations with your family and friends . Think of 'typing' status on the speech bubble and connected speech bubbles copying natural intervals in speech.



At the end of your conversation you receive a personalised report with advise regarding your issue. This can include a referral to a medical specialist, an std clinic or a direct link to purchase an std home test. The SOA Aids team can manage all the chats in one custom tailoring tool to manage the questions and create unique advice within one CMS.


Product range

To cater specific targetgroups, using the same platform we have developed multiple identities for the different labels of SOA aids. Not only do they differ in appearance and url, but also in content and the conversation lines are completely tailor made.