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An action-packed racing game for all devices


Help Peugeot activate leads from the Peugeot 208 GTi TV commercial by creating a brand experience that converts potential customers towards booking a test drive. 


A thrilling and fully responsive HTML game that allows the player to race across a frozen lake in the new Peugeot 208 GTi.


The game was played over 75,000 times, with an average of three minutes per play and five games per player. The campaign was so successful that it was used by Peugeot Germany to introduce the car to the German market.

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In Peugeot's spectacular TV commercial, a "James Bond" like driver races through a frozen landscape while evading jets, breaking ice, an helicopter attack and a huge half pipe.

Peugeot was looking for a way to activate leads from their TV commercial and get them to book a test drive. We developed a branded game that recreated a scene from the commercial. The game was available on mobile browsers to allow as many people as possible to play.

The first step was prototyping the game for the best user experience. Once a working prototype was developed, the game mechanisms and design were adjusted to look like the scenes from the commercial. The game challenges the player to stay on the breaking ice as long as possible while scoring bonus points for collecting and dodging objects. The players are pushed to keep driving and get the top score.


The Peugeot 208 GTi and ice-track were the main creative components of the game. To recreate the TV commercial we made an exact copy of the car and rendered the actual driving footage from the commercial in 3D.  

The ice was also created in 3D and edited in a perfect looping sequence so it stays loaded in the game and comes closer to the player or retreats back, depending on the performance in the game. The game is responsive and gives players the best possible experience on both mobile devices and desktop.

To make the game even more exciting, a custom game soundtrack was created including engine and sound effects.  The sound effects were spread out over four layers of HTML, so every movement the player makes triggers a different sound.


The challenge of this project was to create a fully responsive mobile game in HTML5 in 8 weeks time. The visual and sound effects were incorporated into every aspect of the game. To make the game even more engaging it allows the player to steer the car using their phone’s gyroscope.


System Integrations

Peugeot API for XML form data

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  • The team went from early prototype to final campaign in a record-breaking 8 weeks.
  • The game’s soundtrack and custom sound effects made the game engaging and a blast to play.
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