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A digital source of inspiration for a luxury interior design agency


Help a leading interior design agency present their work in a beautiful website and engaging online portfolio.


A digital portfolio that embodies the unique, stylish and bold work of Nina Graziosi and her team in a dashing website that looks and feels like a high-end design magazine.


An elegant and timeless website that remains fashionable and modern for many years to come.

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Graziosi Progetti is a high-end interior design agency founded and led by Nina Graziosi. The agency’s unique style translates into all of their work, so their website had to reflect this innovative and bold character as well.

The website was developed in close collaboration with Nina and her team. We developed a customized website with lots of room for visuals that were combined with contact forms and call to actions.


The design challenge was to reflect the agency’s personality and design vision. The “Nina’s Notes” page offers visitors a behind-the-scenes look into the sources of inspiration and insights of the design company, in the form of a personal scrapbook.

The agency’s high-quality projects were showcased in a digital portfolio that presents stunning visuals that explore the diversity of their work. Each case study in the portfolio has been built up in the exact same way, immersing visitors into the work of the agency: starting with the project and its objective, the case guides the visitor all the way through to the solution.

Accents of black and gold with bold typographies give the finishing touches to the luxurious website.


We created an innovative grid system which was considered state of the art back in 2011. The grid showcases the agency’s work and optimizes the website’s performance on different browsers.

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  • Collaborating with one of the top interior design agencies in the Netherlands.
  • Translating Nina’s personal style into a website that is as unique as she is.
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