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A creative brand video that makes a financial newcomer stand out from the crowd


As a newcomer in the B2C market, FWU needed to differentiate their brand and communicate their new  vision. A key part of this was the development of a brand video that connected at an emotional level with the target audience.


An ingenious 77 seconds fast-paced brand video that combines videography, motion design and animated illustrations while representing the emotional core of FWU’s brand message.


The video is an essential part of the new FWU brand experience and is featured on their website and social channels. 

brand experience


As a B2B brand, transitioning into the consumer market isn’t easy. Saturation, competition and complexity lead to struggles of differentiation and visibility. For FWU, these struggles manifested themselves in difficulties reaching their intended target audience and engaging them effectively.

To successfully introduce FWU into the B2C market, we developed a strategy to make the brand not only accessible, but also appealing to millennials. For this, we made sure to tap into the long-term goals and dreams of the target audience and create a brand video that communicates an emotional message without the usual business jargon.


The main design challenge was to develop a story that connects the video, the website and FWU’s brand promise together. The storyline of the video presents FWU as an agent of change. It shows that FWU understands their customers and has personalized products to enable each and every one of them to reach their life goals.

The video shows the target group, represented by the models in the video, and the goals that FWU can help them achieve. The illustrations support FWU’s brand narrative and set it apart from competing brands.

‘DPDK is a team of bold thinkers, tech specialists and creative fighters. The team at DPDK is able to match our high ambitions with big ideas and daring work that feels very comfortable, looks beautiful and is delivered on time. Working with DPDK means partnering with an agency that strives to move brands forward fast.’

Manfred Dirrheimer
Founder of FWU


The video required a careful composition of motion design, sound design, illustrations and videography.

To achieve the desired result, there were two teams using different software stacks working in parallel to find the perfect fit between efficiency, quality and creative control. This resulted in frame by frame tracking and animation of custom made illustrations, that are superimposed on the models. The animated elements were selected carefully and each one was specially designed to fit the scene composition.

Tech partners


  • Development of a unique hybrid style that combines illustrations and film.
  • For the shoot, we had the globally renowned Krijn van Noordwijk, known for his audacious style, as our director and photographer.
DPDK | 2019

Pim van Helten


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