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The brand transformation of a cutting-edge tech-financial


Transform a digital strategy into a compelling, relevant execution and inspire millennials to understand, engage and explore FWU's investment products.


Convert global millennials into qualitative and quantitative leads by immersing and guiding them through an engaging website catering to different wants, needs, and frustrations at specific points in their journey.


Giving a transitioning B2B-brand a face in a crowded B2C-market, and optimize its visibility in SEO and increase sales.



The website was the first introduction to the world of FWU’s rebranding. Our goal was to design and build a site as cutting edge as FWU-products. We started defining and repositioning the brand through workshops and then delivered a mix of service design and experience design (or user-centered design) that both fitted the target audience in multiple countries and at the same time propelled the desired brand image.


A lot of emphasis was put on integration between immersive design and cutting-edge tech to create a non-stop engaging product journey from top to bottom. A new animation-style, hybrids, were developed and became leading throughout.

‘DPDK is a team of bold thinkers, tech specialists and creative fighters. The team at DPDK is able to match our high ambitions with big ideas and daring work that feels very comfortable, looks beautiful, and is delivered on time. Working with DPDK means partnering with an agency that strives to move brands forward fast.’

Manfred Dirrheimer
Founder of FWU

Product design system

Supported by the new brand design system, we developed the FWU product design system so every page can be built using design components from the pattern library. All fit seamlessly together, and are a combination of products explanations and delighting visitors. New pages, such as landing pages can be composed out of the library in a jiffy.

Content production

Both photography and videography have been produced together with FWU, specifically for the website. Using user-centered design insights, we crafted a variety of situations that appeals to the different target groups and are somehow related to the FWU brand.


The website has been built into a very complex responsive grid optimized for multiple breakpoints including CSS based animations. It’s built on top of a node/express engine, completely built in ReactJS in the frontend. The CMS is built as a headless Drupal CMS.

System Integrations

Google Cloud API’s, Sendgrid

Tech partners


Bold client, amazing cooperation with Jung von Matt. Great example of integrating brand, content and product into one engaging and converting experience.

DPDK | 2019
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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