Follow your intuition

Brand Experience

An immersive sound experience controlled by human intuition and the latest tech


Create an activation that is in line with the international TVC


Interactive sound experience promoting the new Peugeot 108.



An award-winning platform resulting in a 65% increase of test drives.



We were asked to build upon the existing footage of the Peugeot 108 TVC. The introduction of the new 108 leaned on the proposition of 'intuition', we created an experience based on the most intuitive of all: music. 


By re-editing existing footage and adding custom made footage, we created a storyline following a young woman navigating a city by intuition. The result? An innovative sound experience, unlocked by intuition.



As the day unfolds, so does the soundtrack. We cut our custom-made soundtrack into smaller sections that got unlocked by playing it. 

The interface was just as intuitive. Click, press or tap and discover playful animations that build up your soundtrack. Whether you're visiting on desktop or mobile, get ready to enjoy a full-screen sound experience filled to the brim with animations.



This interactive experience is completely built on top of WebGL using ThreeJS. It also connects forms to the internal infrastructure of Peugeot to generate leads

System Integrations

Peugeot API for XML form data

Tech partners

Pim van Helten

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