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A captivating sound experience driven by human intuition and the latest tech


Create an interactive digital experience in line with the TV commercial of the Peugeot 108, an intuitive car designed for the flow of the city.


An engaging campaign that combines sound and interactive design promoting the new Peugeot 108.



An award-winning campaign resulting in a 36% increase in leads.


increase in leads

‘The sound experience is unique, purely based on intuition!’

Bart van Slobbe
Chief Digital Officer at Peugeot


We build upon the existing footage of the Peugeot 108 TV commercial that revolves around the theme of "intuition". A campaign was developed using the city roots of the 108 and another intuitive concept: "music".

By bringing together existing and custom-made footage, we created a storyline following a young woman skillfully navigating the city of Lisbon. The last scene seamlessly extends into the product film including the 108's unique characteristics.

The result? An innovative sound experience that gives users the possibility to sign up for prices, brochures and test drives.


The user starts by pressing a key to create their own soundtrack and unlock more content. Each moment allows the user to add another layer of sound to the video. This way, as the day unfolds, so does the music. Just like the protagonist is in control of her city life, the users are in control of the sound experience.

The interface is just as intuitive. Click, press or tap and discover playful animations that build up the soundtrack. Whether visiting on desktop or mobile, users can get ready to enjoy a full-screen animated sound experience.


The campaign's interactive elements were completely built on top of WebGL using ThreeJS. This was to ensure a quick load without requiring any extra plugins. The campaign also connected the contact forms to the internal CRM system of Peugeot to keep track of potential customers.

System Integrations

Peugeot API for XML form data

Tech partners


  • Working on this project gave us the amazing opportunity to pull out all the stops with sound design, animations, interactive elements and custom footage to develop a rich media campaign.

  • This project received several recognitions, including the Awwwards Honorable Mention and a Webby Awards nomination.
Webby Awards Nominee, Auto & Auto Services
FWA Mobile of the Day winner
FWA Site of the Day winner
CSS Design awards Website of the Day winner
Awwwards Site of the Day winner
Awwwards Honorable Mention
Emerce eGuide - Follow your Intuition
Awwwards - Follow your intuition
FWA - Peugeot Follow your intuition
CSS Design Awards - Peugeot Follow your intuition
Webby - Peugeot Follow your intuition 2016 nominee
Little Black Book - Viewers Craft Their Own Soundtrack with DPDK’s Interactive Experience for Peugeot
Marketing Tribune - DPDK creëert interactieve geluidsbeleving voor Peugeot
DPDK | 2016

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