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Where healthcare meets the future


Help Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC), one of Europe’s largest and most esteemed university medical centers, build an innovative brand that connects the worlds of health and technology to bring forth future-proof healthcare.


A cutting-edge new brand, Erasmus MC Campus, that enables faculties, companies, and care facilities to collaborate and innovate. Erasmus MC Campus clearly reflects Erasmus MC’s vision of driving innovation in healthcare. 


Based in Rotterdam and rooted in science, Erasmus MC Campus is a space where organizations and innovators can come together. It’s where the worlds of healthcare and technology collide to pave the way for more sustainable and future-proof healthcare. 



Erasmus MC wanted to create a space where medical and tech visionaries can share ideas, inspiration, and expertise. We designed and developed a brand from the ground up to help Erasmus MC reach this goal. 

We kicked off the project with an inspiration board. This helped map out different ways of presenting the new brand. Ultimately, three design concepts were proposed, each with a futuristic look and feel to represent the brand’s purpose. 

Based on feedback from Erasmus MC, two concepts were shortlisted. After refining and presenting both, our winner was chosen: a dynamic visual style that uses scientific imagery and medical symbols to represent the brand’s vision of combining the worlds of healthcare and technology to enable innovation.


Erasmus MC wanted the brand’s identity to connect to their own. One of the main creative challenges was to make this relationship clear while staying true to Erasmus MC Campus’s mission. 

The logo is inspired by the mathematical symbol Delta. Delta symbolizes the rate of change or difference between two states. It’s a symbol of force, energy, and motion - an accurate representation of what the brand stands for. To reinforce this, we created the tagline, “Where healthcare meets the future.”

All brand assets are organized in a detailed brand manual: logo, typography, color palettes, photography, guidelines, and more. 

We opted for a futuristic monospaced font. Monospaced fonts are non-proportional, which means their characters occupy the same amount of space. This makes them a popular typeface in biochemistry. We adopted Erasmus MC’s brand colors as the primary color palette. A brighter secondary palette was chosen as a contrast. As a result, Erasmus MC Campus’s visual identity represents the synergy between past, present, and future. It’s the perfect analogy for innovation. 


  • Working with one of the most esteemed medical centers in Europe and a team that has the same Rotterdam no-nonsense, can-do attitude as us. 
  • Building a brand that is dedicated to creating a healthier and more sustainable future. 
DPDK | 2021

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Chief Creative Officer

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