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Building the online presence for a healthcare innovator


Help a global medical services company showcase their expertise in a brand new website that contains a functional online product catalog.


A comprehensive corporate website that showcases the unified brand identity of DORC and shines a spotlight on their products with a complete digital database that differentiates them from competitors.


Usability of the website pages improved significantly and increased time spent on the site by healthcare professionals.

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DORC wanted to showcase their extensive list of products and  specifications in a way that showcased their professionalism and innovative DNA. We started with an extensive market research and a competitor analysis to find out what makes DORC stand out from their competitors. This was included to improve the overall functionality of the website.

To help DORC position themselves as the global visionaries in the orthodontic medical field, we devised a well structured and creative website that could generate leads and emphasize their leading position in the market.


The focal point of the new global website was the extensive product range. The main creative challenge was to showcase each needle, blade and surgical tool with the level of quality and detail that DORC customers needed to see. Their flagship equipment takes the spotlight with high resolution up-close photographs floating above a wide surface.

The site also serves as a support and HR platform for customers and DORC’s HR team. A custom module enables customers to gather and download product sheets and brochures featuring the products and reviews of some of the world’s most renowned eye surgeons. While DORC's vacancies are shown through a custom made API connection.


The platform was built in a complex multilingual setup appealing to different markets. We integrated a custom brochure bank which enabled customers to select and generate printable PDFs. Downloading content was only available after login, so DORC could manage what customers downloaded in an innovative way.

System Integrations, PDF generator plugin, Sendgrid

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  • Turning an extensive and detailed offline product catalog into a beautifully designed digital database.
  • Taking the quality of DORC’s showcased products to the next level by improving their visual appearance.
DPDK | 2018

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