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You snooze, you lose: a game that only lasts a second


Create an engaging campaign that highlights the unique selling point of Decathlon’s new B’twin Tilt folding bike. 


An exciting game on Decathlon’s Facebook page that increased product awareness and converted players into followers


Followers on Decathlon’s Facebook page increased by 84% and drove additional traffic to their website, expanding Decathlon’s online community. 


Sports retailer Decathlon wanted a campaign to promote the launch of the B’twin Tilt folding bike. To engage with their 119,000 followers on Facebook, a game was developed to showcase the bike’s most impressive feature: the ability to fold in one second. 

The game was incorporated in Decathlon’s Facebook page, creating fierce competition between fans to drive product awareness and increase traffic to Decathlon’s website. 


With only 1 second on the clock, the player had to choose between an image of the B’twin Tilt bike and a random other product. The game was designed with 2,500 different combinations that were randomly presented to the players. The player with the highest score won a Tilt bike. 

Apart from the game, Decathlon’s Facebook followers could look at the technical specifications of the bike and other sports products.


The game was created with a setup that prevents false play. Players logged in through Facebook to join the game and were given one second to answer each question. Facebook would share your score for a chance to win prizes from Decathlon. 

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  • The winner of the game made the right choices for over 1 hour and 10 minutes. That's more than 4200 pairs of images to choose from! 
  • Making a sports product catalog available, complete with tech specs for Facebook followers and game players to explore. 
DPDK | 2011

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