Soaaids VR

The VR EXperience is developed as an educational experience for young Dutch people who are sexually active. Aim is to raise awareness for and compliance with safe sex.

Users are taken into an interactive text message conversation between them and a virtual partner. The conversation serves as on-boarding mechanism and lets users answer a set of questions about sexual preference and behaviour. Based on the given answers, the size and makeup of the sexual network are defined, after which all people of the network start to appear in the room.

Once the whole network is shown, users can interact with the people in the room by looking at them, and discovering their details and - sometimes - secrets. Connections between all lovers are also shown, to indicate the different layers within one’s network.

The experience ends with another text message in which your personal results are shown. This automatically triggers the loading of your personal advice on the next (non-VR)page, including helpful tips, advice and caregiver options.