A Mobile VR experiment where you discover the road through the eyes of the new Peugeot 3008.


Packed to the roof with the newest technologies, the new Peugeot 3008 is safer, easier and more comfortable to drive. We were asked to build upon the existing TV commercial and create a VR experience in which you see the road through the technologies of the new 3008.


How would a system like ‘ACTIVE LANE DEPARTURE WARNING’ see the road? Or the environment? Not so much in shapes, bodies or colors, but only what it needs to interpret data: points and lines, coördinates and movement in size and position. We designed an environment from an artist’s impression where only these elements reconstruct reality.

In three different stages, you will experiment three high-tech systems aboard the Peugeot 3008. Through simple user interactions, you acknowledge the intelligence on board while staying safe along throughout the journey.


As usual, whenever an idea sounds simple, executing it is where the real challenges really lie. We had to create a 3D world in a virtual reality that resembled the world from the TV commercial. A world malleable to shape in different forms. A seamless transition from the video to the 3D world, from the 3D world back to video. By using one timeline for both videos, we match both worlds seamlessly.

One could only really have a sense of how the car experiences the world by seeing it through the eyes of the car. For this, we developed the possibility of mobile VR in your web browser. Pushing the boundaries using WebGL and shaders, we had to account designing for two different frames: one for each eye.

Inspired by dance beats from the Prodigy era and combined with a modernly sophisticated edge, we edited all sound in-house. Most of the design was executed in After Effects, then translated as precise as possible into code. We researched not only the car but all its technology and possible driver’s while working very closely with the motion and development departments, keeping the message coherent through all disciplines.

It paid off! The cutting edge nature of this project was recognized by a global audience: Discover your 6th Sense won a People’s Voice Webby Award.