Creating your signature: from flat
signature to 3D artpiece

Your signature is personal and unique. And that's what DS is all about: expressing yourself. To celebrate their partnership with the Dutch Filmfestival, we turn your signature into a piece of art.

Brand value

The intro is a seamless mix of code, design and video all melted together. Because of this state of the art approach, the intro even plays on mobile devices.

Inspired by boulevard of fame

Just like in Hollywood, the festival boasts a boulevard of fame with autographs and hand imprints of prize-winning actors and actresses. Inspired by these signatures, we developed the idea of leaving your own signature in the avant garde style of DS.

Ways of input desktop & mobile

Writing your signature works best on mobile. Just draw with your finger and voila: there it is. Visiting on desktop? No problem. Just connect with your smartphone and draw on there. Your signature will appear on your desktop screen like magic.


To create the right look in 3D signature and statue, we started out with 3D experiments where shapes were simple. In a line of prototypes, we added detail, texture and lighting to end up with an atmosphere that fits the avant garde spirit of DS.


DS signature art is about you and your personal expression. So the interface has been kept to a minimum but always in line with DS style.

Sound design

A soundtrack that really fits the innovative nature of the project and the brand was designed. It's progressive, modern and a tad experimental.

Honours & mentions