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Using art and design to differentiate a start-up agency


Luminary2 is a small digital marketing start-up with a big creative vision. Our challenge was to create a distinctive agency website that communicates that vision and displays their exciting portfolio.


An artistic and distinctly cool website that showcases the Luminary2 vision and expertise.


The new website makes Luminary2 stand out and visible in the industry and showcases their unique portfolio in a creative way.



Luminary2 sought to grow from a start-up to a well known player in Dallas, Texas and beyond. In order to achieve this goal, they wanted to create a website that showcases that they are luminaries (persons who inspire or influence others) within the digital agency sphere.

The design thinking methodology was used to create a build that was edgy, eccentric and playful to highlight what Luminary2 stands for. Multiple personas were used to create the user experience proposition. The website positions Luminary2 as a unique agency and showcases their portfolio.



This project was primarily focused on creative design. The design challenge involved creating a daring homepage with the few visuals that were available. The build has a minimalistic design that shows off the portfolio and makes the website feel rich and exciting.

The resulting design turned the Luminary2 portfolio into a bold high art experience inspired by their logo. In order to enter the website, the visitor must press and hold a button that starts an interactive 2D motion graphic. This turned out to work even better on mobile where visitors press the screen to navigate the website.



The most innovative elements of the website are the WebGL letters that can be seen moving around in the menu. To ensure that the website functioned just as well on mobile, we experimented with different prototypes.

Tech partners


  • The project was a positive collaboration done completely digital without face-to-face interaction.
  • The values of Luminary2 matched very well with the values of DPDK, there was a mutual strive for exceptional digitalism.


DPDK | 2019

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Chief Growth Officer

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