Chase the line

Brand Experience

The first ever interactive race film


Create a 360 degree activation campaign with a video game to raise awareness and generate leads for the new Peugeot 308 GTi.


An activating and interactive race film that challenges visitors to drive the perfect race line on a circuit.


An award-winning experience resulting in a 65% increase of test drives.

increase of test drives


To help promote the new Peugeot 308GTi, we designed an interactive digital experience on the back of Peugeot’s international TV commercial (TVC). The idea was to showcase the power, technology and sportsmanship behind the new car in a video game that uses real footage instead of game graphics.

To test the idea, we built a 3D track and put a car in there with virtual cameras. Next was the real-life test: a small hand-built rig with multiple cameras was mounted on a car and driven through the streets. This proved that our concept would technically work.

The final footage was shot with a seven meter wide rig equipped with 25 cameras. Footage from all camera’s was rendered into one canvas consisting of over 23 million pixels. Giving the player the ability to move freely across the racetrack.


To emulate the new Peugeot and its 270bhp at the touch of a button, we created a digital racing experience and let players  drive the car in real video footage.

The whole campaign, which included a website and an introduction video, had to be in line with Peugeot’s TVC. We applied the same fonts and colors and created a custom style around it for the “Chase the Line” campaign.

The line that players follow in the game is manually drawn in WebGL over more than 500 frames to guarantee that the race line has the right perspective and distance relative to the racer's position.

With this innovative design that uses real video footage, the racer switches between 15 camera standpoints instantly, even on mobile using the phones gyroscope or on desktop using their smartphone as a joystick.


This interactive experience was completely built on top of WebGL using ThreeJS. It also connected forms to the internal infrastructure of Peugeot to generate leads. The biggest challenge was combining the interactive line with geometric data while rendering 12 high-quality videos.

System Integrations

Peugeot API for XML form data

Tech partners

‘At Peugeot we continuously try to work with the newest technologies to get in touch with people and to let them experience our products. The collaboration with DPDK allows us to do this and to create original projects and successful campaigns.’

Maarten Kooijman
Marketing Manager, Peugeot


  • Shooting of the video game footage with a custom built rig in only two days.
  • Creating the first online racing game that uses real video images.
FWA Awards Site of the Day winner
CSS Design Awards Website of the Day winner
Awwwards Site of the Day winner
Awwwards Honourable Mention
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Adformatie - Peugeot lanceert interactieve racefilm Chase the Line
Emerce - PEUGEOT en DPDK lanceren allereerste interactieve racefilm
CSS Design Awards - Peugeot GTi - Chase the Line
Reclamewereld - Reclamegame ‘Chase the Line’ introduceert nieuwe Peugeot 308 GTi
DPDK | 2016

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