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Easter marketing: turning 6 famous brands into Easter eggs

Written by Michael Vromans on 1, Apth 2021

Easter is known as a time of rebirth, renewal, and spring cleaning. It’s also the perfect opportunity to dust off your brand identity, and see if it needs any attention.

Your identity is the sum of everything your brand represents. It’s what makes your products and services memorable, interesting, and desirable to (prospective) customers. Brands with strong identities have easily discernible personalities and attitudes. They are authentic and real. In today’s oversaturated market, the brands you know and recognize are the ones with relevant identities. 

That leaves us with the question: what is it that makes a brand identity “strong”? 

The power of branding

A strong brand has a clear, consistent message and theme that stretches across all of your customer touchpoints. It’s reflected in your logo, tagline, photography, font, colors, tone of voice, content, and overall image. Well built identities express what your brand has to offer, and what your values are. 

Building a powerful brand matters because if people don’t know who you are, they will not buy your product. Up to 60% of global consumers prefer to buy new products from brands they’re already familiar with. The more brand elements you consistently use in your marketing initiatives, the more likely you are to stay in your customers’ minds all year round.

To illustrate this point, we created Easter eggs for six of our favorite brands. We used the colors, logos, and brand values that make them memorable and unique, and combined them with our very own illustration style.

Read on to see if our eggs are all they’re cracked up to be!

1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo believes that getting takeout should be a moment of joy. The brand is all about replicating the feeling of anticipation when getting your favorite food or trying something new through “Proper food, proper delivery.”

The illustration captures the feeling of excitement you get when your food arrives - joy is literally exploding out of the delivery box. The cheerful, bright, and eye-catching colors, playful font, and “Happy Easteroo!” reflect the company’s youth and relentless pursuit of delivering happiness. The variety of icons and eggs demonstrate that whatever your preference is as a customer, Deliveroo has a basket full of options for you. 

Check out the video that showcases the design process below. 

2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo wants to make the world look good in fashionable and functional clothes. Their designs are inspired by the Japanese culture of simplicity, quality, and longevity. Uniqlo invites customers to feel comfortable in their everyday wear with affordable and high-quality clothing. 

Their eggs come in a shopping bag that references Uniqlo’s logo and has a simple, clean design. The bright, saturated red squares and white background are a reference to the Japanese flag, and the “sale” tag portrays Uniqlo’s mission to sell high-quality clothing at a lower cost. The icons of the eggs inside the bag represent clothing that is “made for all’’. The broken egg filled with slippers reflects Japan’s slipper etiquette and culture.

3. EVBox

EVBox manufactures and distributes electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. Although they are not the largest or most famous brand on our list, we are big fans of their mission to reduce carbon emissions. The egg speaks to EVBox’s dedication to building a sustainable future. 

Traditionally, eggs symbolize fertility and new life, while leaves symbolize growth and sustainability. Together, these elements represent EVBox’s commitment towards transformation and their brand message of reducing harmful environmental impacts. We incorporated EVBox’s signature blue with icons that represent sustainable growth and the evolution of the automotive industry. 

4. VanMoof

VanMoof, a Dutch e-bike brand, wants to transform the way we commute and get around cities. Their goal is to encourage people all over the world to cycle to work on their stylish and eco-friendly smart bikes.

We used our illustration design style to create riders who reflect VanMoof’s target audience of adults between the ages 25 and 45. The bikes themselves are Vanmoof electric yellow and black, signifying their voltage and the brand’s ambition to “electrify” the bicycle industry. 

5. Dyson

Dyson is probably the world’s most tech-focused household appliance company. They deliver powerful and innovative vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, and styling tools that are not only functional, but beautiful to look at too. 

Our eggs are cobalt blue, magenta, yellow, orange, and cherry red, which represent the various colors of Dyson products. Dyson is also known for using dark colors in their marketing campaigns, hence the dark background. A Motorhead vacuum is moving to clean up the eggs, illustrating Dyson’s incredible suction power.

6. Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely has a serious brand mission wrapped in a sweet package. They are committed to eradicating slavery from the cocoa supply chain by only partnering with fair trade farmers and suppliers. 

Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars are split into unequal pieces to reflect the inequalities in society and throughout the global supply chain. We illustrated this feature by including similar unequal sizes and shapes on our eggs. The eggs explode off the page and make a bold statement with bright colors that highlight Tony’s Chocolonely inspiring commitment to anti-slavery. Tony’s Chocolonely is truly a good egg.

All of the brands we’ve referenced have an identity that is distinctive, memorable, and flexible enough to continue to grow and evolve into the future. They are able to connect and establish relationships with their audience for one all-encompassing reason: they have a solid understanding of who they are as a brand. 

At DPDK, we are invested in building strong brands. Your brand is the foundation from which you start building your marketing initiatives. It’s what matters most in setting yourself apart from your competitors. We’ve even written our own guide “Great marketing starts with your brand” on creating a unique and memorable brand. 

Always remember: every product, every word, every image, should reflect your brand. This will define your legacy. 

Michael Vromans
Chief Creative Officer

Michael Vromans

Chief Creative Officer

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