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The challenge of change is everywhere. Change is fast-paced, continuous and requires your full attention. A multi-disciplinary team of dedicated specialists with the right mindset, deep knowledge, and complete focus is often a requirement to achieve the results you are looking in staying ahead of competitors.

Building such a team, with the right mix of team members, calls for time and expertise. Running that team, even more so. By opting for integrated outsourcing, you bring a committed and bespoke team into your organization quickly. By blending them in, you bring digital DNA into the company.


Let us help you build that team. With full transparency from the start, we make sure to set clear objectives, build a culture of collaboration and monitor performance. With a wide range of strategy and innovation services, including everything from short design sprints to comprehensive tech projects, we can help you with every stage of your digital transformation.

As with everything we do, we offer exceptional quality and flexibility. Teams can be any size, from large to small, but: typically consist of a strategist and multiple designers, techies and a producer. And when all is in place, we will manage your fully functioning digital teams, if needed.

Paul Jitta
Business Developer
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Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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