Growth opportunities and business modelling

Growth is always a top priority for any organization. To sustain a long term business growth is not an easy task. With the ever-changing expectations and habits of today’s customers, as well as wave after wave of disruptive new players across all industries.

To create the fuel for continuous growth, you cannot afford to stay stagnant. However, to take the lead in creating new pivots or changes in your business can be daunting. To be on the offense, and be the first mover of fresh new business approaches can be even more unsettling. Modelling your next big idea and finding the right fit for it in your business plan is the first step you need to take. Research has shown that while a focus business model design has one of the greatest impacts on business growth, few companies understood or placed an emphasis on it. The key for success lies in being able to build a holistic growth plan that resonates with all aspects of the business.

Getting a competitive edge

All organizations think just as you do and everyone tries to engage in some form of innovation, nudging new opportunities to their advantage. A new opportunity developed in the right way can certainly bring you leaps, and bounds ahead of your competitors. But selecting the opportunity best suited for you and providing the best incubation environment is not as simple. A good approach is needed to spot, model and validate growth opportunities through all scenarios, so that you can preempt the success or hurdles you will face in this quest. This will be critical in reducing the risks and helping you make the best moves to take.

Designing your business for robust growth

Beyond euros, dollars and cents, modelling your growth opportunities requires you to take a step out and begin by researching the business context and competitive trends, as well as taking a close look at your current and prospective customer segments. This ensures that we cover all the grounds, understand the patterns of success and opportunity space. Armed with this information, you can then grow ideas into concrete plans by looking at the value chain and mapping the most comprehensive business models towards implementation. Our explorative approach - when matched with our proven frameworks - will allow you to distill the different considerations, cross-pollinate multiple ideas and understand the most viable way forward, bringing you closer to your goals.

Michael Vromans
Chief Creative Officer

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