Tailored web applications
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Tailored web applications

Extend your business unique value-proposition

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'Let us help you develop a high quality web application that fits your business'
Web applications have become an increasingly important tool for businesses. For example, to communicate with (new) employees, provide information and engage with target audiences or digitizing the internal workflow. Together we create high quality tailored web applications with interactive user interfaces that fully integrate with back-office systems.
Marianela Queme
Head of Technology
Curious what we can do for your organization?

What a tailored web application can do for your business

Disrupt your industry
Together we can create a service that does not yet exist within your industry to unlock business opportunities. Differentiate with your customer experience and create a custom solution that allows you to approach your customer in a unique way.
Meet your needs
Extend your business unique value-proposition with a tailored solution that matches your operational needs. Together we build a bespoke web application to create more value and improve the workflow.
Leverage technology
By using specific technology and tools we build a web application that is uniquely designed for your business to integrate with other software.

This is how we build tailored web applications

To create a fitting solution we use relevant languages, techniques and integrations. A selection of our tools are ReactJS, Node/Express, The PWA Mindset, WebGL and databases like MySQL or MongoDB. We easily integrate the web application with various back office systems such as Salesforce, BizTalk or SAP solutions, and connect it to a CMS.

By combining our experience and the right technology we develop technically high quality applications with a lot of attention for security and performance. Our unique approach combines creative business strategy with exceptional digital production.

Marianela Queme
Head of Technology

We have built award-winning web applications in the past. Let’s build yours today!

3 reasons to partner with us

Speed and agility
We developed a production cycle to structure and speed up our workflow efficiently to deliver exceptional digital products within the agreed time. With a predefined workflow, our teams work in sprints and deliver guaranteed, proven results. We take flexibility and agility as mandatory cornerstones for great teamwork and exceptional results.
Customer and human centric approach
While our methods change daily within our fast-paced environment, our focus on people remains constant. The best results are achieved by people who enjoy what they are doing when they are doing it together.
High quality digital products
We not only create award winning work that delivers on requirements exceeds expectations and, but we also deliver exceptional quality for a fair price.

What our clients say

‘Since 2011 DPDK has helped us out with the design and development of our products that we offer pharmacies and the broader health environment in The Netherlands. Their look on online experiences combined with exceptional design adds an extra dimension to our products. Together we have developed a style that gives our visitors and customers a certain feeling of recognition through the range of our online products. Developing this product-family feeling has been paramount in our relationship. By listening well and co-creating DPDK has helped us make this a success.’

Bill Marks

Create an award-winning web application with us

We have years of experience designing and building award-winning and lead-generating web applications with excellent customer satisfaction as a result.

Marianela Queme

Head of Technology

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