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Partner - Web Graphics Library (WebGL)

WebGL is a JavaScript API which enables the browser to render high end applications regarding interactive 2D and 3D graphics, animation and experiences. WebGL allows us to really tap into the feature set and power of graphics hardware. What native games do with OpenGL or Direct3D, we can do too with WebGL. Let’s enhance your customer experience.

What WebGL can do for your business

Present your product in the most innovative way

Perfect for the next activation campaign to present a product in the most innovative way possible.

Capable with modern web browsers

WebGL is able to render high performance interactive application in the modern web browsers.

Breathtaking effects to enhance your customer experience

With WebGL we can add a wow-effect to your website by integrating exports from graphics, videos and more, all within the canvas of your browser.

We have integrated WebGL for award winning projects like Sense, Nike, Peugeot and more.

Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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