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Right in the heart of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood, our Williamsburg office reflects the creative atmosphere of the district’s hipster-chic residents. Located just a few blocks away from the East River and incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, our NYC team creates exceptional digital experiences for our clients every day. 

Established in 2017, New York is home to the first office opened by DPDK outside the Netherlands, and growing rapidly. Our New York branding agency works for remarkable brands all around the world. Our specialties include business strategy, branding, design, content creation, UX/UI, CX, performance marketing, website development, and much more digital awesomeness. DPDK NYC is an experienced partner for bold brands that are ready to push their ambitions to a new level.

What our clients say about us

Erik Bosman

Senior Project Manager Brand & Design at Nike


The team at DPDK was consistently able to deliver outstanding proposals, with the execution to match. As one team we were able to challenge each other and keep raising the bar until the result was exceptional.

Patty Montagno

Head of Brand and Creative at Firstleaf

Emotive storyteller

Execution is the only strategy that a consumer sees. DPDK demonstrated their ability to build equity in the Firstleaf name through emotive storytelling that seamlessly ties back to our brand benefits. The most effective advertising is steeped in how a brand makes you feel. We’re confident that our new campaign will leave people smiling while generating awareness of Firstleaf in a meaningful way.

Jaimy Smith

Digital Content Marketer at HKliving


Our design philosophy places great importance on creativity and accessibility, and we’d like our online experience to reflect that. We want to invest in our brand’s future and take our digital presence to the next level. We’re thrilled to join forces with DPDK to get there.

Manfred Dirrheimer

Founder at FWU

Bold thinker

DPDK is a team of bold thinkers, tech specialists and creative fighters. The team at DPDK is able to match our high ambitions with big ideas and daring work that feels very comfortable, looks beautiful and is delivered on time. Working with DPDK means partnering with an agency that strives to move brands forward fast.

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Michael Vromans

Chief Creative Officer

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