Brand experience

Iconic heritage as a brand differentiator for the digital age


Design a 7UP brand experience for the web that reflects its heritage, but is also surprisingly new and very refreshing.


A dazzling new brand website that fizzes with remarkable animations & playful interactions, taking visitors on a quest through the brand’s heritage, storytelling and product information.


We created a full-blown animated website, combining photography, graphics and animations to pop and fizz just like a  bottle of 7UP.



7UP kicked off their “feels good to be you” campaign and wanted to renew their website for the Dutch market. We conducted a target group study and used these insights to develop the strategy. The concept we developed was based on 7UPs product portfolio and the graphic legacy of the 7UP brand. The website’s fresh and colorful design engages visitors and promotes interaction. To top it off, we added an innovative and easy way to navigate. 


As mentioned, the website pops and fizzes, just like a bottle of 7UP. Each page has its own themed transitions filled with unique animations that reflect the heritage of 7UP. From bubbles to bursts, it’s all there. Storyboards were used to find the best way to show the brand’s identity and make the website feel rich and fun. No page remains static. 

Building on the refreshing nature of 7UP, all products are displayed photorealistically and combined with graphics and  animations in the style of its iconic packaging and advertising designs. A never ending scroll and the animated sidebar navigation with liquid behavior also reflect the 7UP product. If that doesn’t make visitors thirsty for more, nothing will. 



The website is built using Phalcon/PHP, BackboneJS and HTML5/CSS3 on top of a Sitefinity API. Page transitions were made in CSS3 with SVG elements.

System Integrations

Sitefinity REST API

Tech partners


  • Designing a website full with animations where literally no page remains static. A real team effort!
  • The site started as a campaign website and has now become the official 7UP brand page in the Netherlands.


DPDK | 2017

Paul Jitta

Chief Growth Officer

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