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A sleek new website for a modern tech company


Help Ubersmith communicate their brand and product offering in a way that engages customers while providing compelling information. 


A corporate website that presents Ubersmith as the modern tech company that it is and showcases their products with stylish and modern illustrations.


The new site successfully represents Ubersmith’s brand and products, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

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A digital subscription management system is not the flashiest product. Ubersmith’s new website needed to communicate a clear brand story and display appealing products.

We followed our design thinking methodology and mapped user needs and expectations based on insights acquired from Ubersmith and their customers. The website has a well-thought-out structure: it starts short and broad, becoming more specific later in the user journey.

The website was built on WordPress with a custom design and front end resulting in an efficient yet compelling result.


Starting without photography or illustrations, the challenge was to create a content-heavy site while staying visually engaging. Two mood boards were developed to explore two options: photography with a color/gradient overlay or illustrations. Ultimately, a combination of stock and custom branded illustrations was chosen. 

As a small build project, the design process differed from big builds. Instead of being built from scratch, this project used WordPress and a customized front end. This way it still feels like a unique and tailored website where the Ubersmith brand is represented perfectly.


The new Ubersmith website was built using WordPress, HTML, and CSS, with a low-cost, easy-to-use mindset.

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  • Creating a tailored digital product that connects perfectly to the customer needs.
  • Great collaboration with the client during the design process. Presenting the mood board and the web designs was a real blast.
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