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Spread the message, not the disease.


Create an innovative and appealing experience for youth to be engaged, informed, educated and entertained with the risks of STD's.


A Virtual Reality Project using immersive storytelling to promote safe sex and spark a sense of urgency within our target audience.


In less than a year a prototype evolved into a fully functional product and became an integral part of a national educational being taught at High Schools across the country.

adoption in classrooms


To get a message across that can be awkward and not necessarily one teens like to deal with, the messenger itself had to become appealing. To be sure we could engage our target audience, we prototyped earlier versions and kept testing these among them. We leveraged new technologies and relevant storytelling to connect with our youth and built an innovative solution for an education program.


We took VR as the ideal medium to confront teens with the potential size of their sexual network, and the consequences of not practicing safe sex. Early prototypes were tested and improved, to lead to a final product. The VR EXperience has a teen start in bed where he or she sees contacts of their sexual network appear around them, filling up the room.

Interaction with the people in the room is possible by looking at them. This will trigger hearing their experiences and thoughts about their sexual encounters.

The big challenge was: "How do we know that it's the right the group of people?". The experience needed an onboarding mechanism that enabled teens to customize the their experience.

Our answer: let them have a chat conversation in VR. In this conversation, they talk to their loved one and answer some questions that form their results and advice. Based on this conversation, the size of the group, as well as gender, is influenced. After the VR part, customized advice is given to promote practicing safe sex.


Through a VR experience built in WebGL on the web, this application is spot on optimized for mobile phones to experience the concept.

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Your results page where you are handed personalized tips and help on how to minimize risk on STD’s.


  • Multiple prototypes user tested and improved into the final product.
  • An impactful experience that was so successful it was integrated into the national sex education program on high schools in the Netherlands.
  • Making use of immersive technologies to educate teens.
  • Connecting an immersive experience to tailored advice on safe sex.
Lovie Award 360 video branded
Lovie Award people’s choice
Dutch interactive award nomination activation
DPDK | 2018
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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