Crazy experiment-inspired campaign to describe your run on Nike React


Nike just brought a revolutionary running innovation on the market, and it's called React.


Starting as an in-store activation and spreading as a mobile first website, this experimental themed campaign enables some breathtaking creations, all done in WebGL.

From soft as a teddy bear to light as flamingos, we ask you to select what your run on Nike React feels like.

Strategy: instand go Strategy: instand go

Inspired by your experience while running on React, we invite you to visualise these feelings by creating a unique running figure.
Offering different categories of analogies: soft, light, responsive and durable items

Strategy: interface Strategy: interface

Combining the items in a customised running figure that suits your style.

Strategy: pick items, style & color


With 3D assets and WebGL we’ve created an animated running gallery where every React runner is custom made. So get inspired by the user generated runners and create your own.

Creative: WebGL 3D Creative: WebGL 3D Creative: WebGL 3D


Want to create your own react runner on your mobile? That’s a great idea. Want to try out different combo’s? Just shake to shuffle and select your favourite assets.

Production: Shake to Shuffle

When you’re done personalising, just save your runner and it will be showcased within the gallery. Your custom made runner can be shared with the world via all social channels.

Production: your personalised runner Production: your personalised runner Production: your personalised runner


We used CSS Custom Properties to achieve a theme based colored interface. That allowed us to switch the color of all buttons, logo and text very easy.

All animations of HTML elements are driven by the GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform). We created a bunch of timeline logics to queue single tweens and call events in the correct order.

Development Development Development


Next to the campaign website we’ve also created an instore activation. So go visit a Nike flagship store and be amazed.

Strategy: interface