Catch the dragon

Brand Experience

Award-winning gamified movie experience


Raise product awareness for the new Peugeot in line with the international TVC



An interactive VR film for both desktop and mobile web browsers.



  • 7000 leads from virtual test drive

  • 5,000 new contacts from the DM promotion

  • 300 percent more unique visitors to the website

  • 150 percent increase in test drive requests

  • DMs: 30 percent conversion in new contacts with dealers

  • Growth in the number of customer requests by 60 percent

  • 7,000 cars sold


Both the commercial and the 208 Virtual Testdrive revolve around taking the new Peugeot 208 for a spin and experiencing its drive, power, and energy. The leading TVC visualizes a dragon tattoo coming alive and flying out of the car. We proposed to blend the Virtual Testdrive and the dragon into one interactive VR film in which you set out to catch the dragon.


We started with a ‘storyboard prototype’ with all chronological elements throughout the experience, providing insights into the obstacles ahead.

First and foremost: a unifying design approach that would connect all pieces together. We started out by creating a poster shot, representing the campaign style.


Secondly, we had to create an interactive VR version of the dragon. Using a workflow combining Photoshop, Blender 3D and WebGL we recreated the TV dragon and enabled it to fly, appear and disappear anywhere we wanted it to.



This interactive experience is completely built on top of WebGL using ThreeJS. It also connects forms to the internal infrastructure of Peugeot to generate leads. Having this enabled in both web & VR experiences was the most awesome challenge within this project

System Integrations

Peugeot API for XML form data


Tech partners


DPDK | 2015
Pim van Helten

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