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The power of a strong brand: designing a sleek new WordPress website for AkitaBox

Written by Paul Jitta on 19, Juth 2022

In today’s market, your brand is your most valuable asset. Customers are no longer looking to just buy your goods and services - they crave an emotional connection with your brand. Which is why having a strong, recognizable, and consistent brand has never been more important.

Your brand represents what your organization stands for, why you’re in business, and how you differ from the competition. This should be clearly and consistently conveyed across all your touchpoints. Getting it right is no walk in the park, but the benefits that come with it are tremendous. 

Just ask American facility management software company AkitaBox. When they got in touch with us, they were looking to spruce up their website and offer an enhanced user experience (UX).
AkitaBox’s strong branding enabled us to elevate their digital experience with a sleek new WordPress website that goes beyond merely displaying their products. 

Unlocking Akitabox’s potential

Brand assessments are a great way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a brand. Our brand assessment revealed that AkitaBox had a strong and unique brand identity, but they weren’t using it to its full potential. Having a solid brand is important, but just as important is having the creative skills to make the most out of it. 

The goal was to design an aesthetically pleasing WordPress website which offers a consistent experience, gives clear information on AkitaBox’s solutions, and generates high-quality leads.

We mapped out user journeys to identify a logical website structure that would increase time spent on the site. Menus, content, and site sections were grouped and condensed to make the website easier to navigate. 

AkitaBox’s logo depicts a cube with the letter “A” outlined inside. We got creative with the logo and created a geometric pattern inspired by it. The pattern is applied throughout the website, as well as in the two videos we produced for the website. More on that next!

The power of video

Product videos are a powerful way to capture visitors’ attention and provide relevant information. AkitaBox wanted to highlight two of their products on the website: AkitaBox Pulse, their flagship product, and AkitaBox FCA, a smaller version of AkitaBox Pulse that focuses solely on facility condition assessment. 

We combined videos of Akitabox employees using the software with animated illustrations and screengrabs of the product in action. This way we showed how AkitaBox’s products are used in different stages of facility management and highlighted the people behind the brand.

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The wonders of WordPress

AkitaBox’s new website is integrated with HubSpot and enables AkitaBox to nurture and convert site visitors into leads. The site is built on WordPress, which is considered one of the best content management systems for search engine optimization (SEO). Thanks to WordPress’s simple code and page templates, AkitaBox’s marketing team can manage and edit the site with ease - no coding required. 

That being said, making a WordPress website look good and distinctive requires work. Ensuring that the site stands out from other WordPress websites was key. Which is why creativity led the way for this project. 

AkitaBox’s strong brand identity was an ace up our sleeve and enabled us to design a beautiful and engaging WordPress website that offers an enhanced UX. By doing so, we elevated AkitaBox’s online presence and paved the way towards a successful digital future.

Paul Jitta
Chief Growth Officer

Paul Jitta

Chief Growth Officer

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