Sharing your favorite moments

How do the Dutch spend their free time? IKEA and agency MEC wanted to find out, so we designed and built a feed that captures the Dutch ‘YouTime’ in a 24 hour grid.

2000 days of your life.

The average person has 2000 days of free time in their life, to fill with relaxing moments together with family and friends. That’s what IKEA calls ‘YouTime’.


We asked fans to start sharing their YouTime moments through Instagram and Twitter using #ikeayoutime. And boy, did they do it: 1000’s of pictures were tagged.

24 hour timeline.

All of the moments were captured on our campaign website, which displays the pictures in a minute-to-minute grid. Find out how others spend their day off, whether it’s 06:03 in the morning or 02:47 at night. This created a unique overview of how Holland wakes up, spends its free day and night.

Available everywhere.

When you’re enjoying your YouTime, you can be everywhere. So of course we designed and built the site in such a way you can share or watch it with every possible device.