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Sharing favorite you-time moments with IKEA


A collaboration with IKEA and MEC digital agency to drive customer interaction with an innovative 24 hour grid that reflects how the Dutch spend their free time.


We designed and built a campaign that could be shared or watched on every possible device. Social media users shared their YouTime moments through Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ikeayoutime.


Successful customer engagement with over 100,000 hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.



IKEA wanted to drive consumers' social media engagement with their brand. They worked with MEC digital agency to come up with the campaign idea, and asked us to take on the technical and design solutions. We wanted to create a unique overview of how the Netherlands wakes up, goes to bed and everything that happens in between.

The campaign website displayed pictures of people enjoying their time in a minute-to-minute grid. This turned out to be an amazing collection of user generated content, resulting in first-hand, clear data that IKEA used to better understand their customers.


The design challenge was to create a platform that consumers not only wanted to use, but also felt confident to share their content on. We were responsible for the design and execution of the campaign which we delivered by paying special attention to color schemes and intuitivity of the customer experience.

The concept was tested among the target group before and during the development phase to ensure a sleek customer journey. This has led to a tailor-made platform, designed according to insights, needs and wants of digitally savvy consumers.


We built a complex ever-expanding grid system which showcased dynamic posts from Instagram and Twitter. Promotion of the campaign was done via commercials, where consumers were asked to share their posts with a certain hashtag. We built a simple CMS system to approve posts,  making sure all content was appropriate. Besides social media we also offered an option to upload photos straight onto the platform, making it an inclusive campaign.

System Integrations

Instagram API, Twitter API

Tech partners


  • A new challenge for DPDK to create a campaign geared towards mobile-first design before this was considered common practice.  
  • Successful example of how to create user generated content in digital marketing.


DPDK | 2014

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