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5 key reasons for adding WhatsApp to your marketing strategy

Written by Pim van Helten on 17, Noth 2020

The pandemic has exponentially shifted our shopping habits from offline to online and you probably already had the unlucky experience of some delayed or lost orders. In that case, you want to know what happened to your order ASAP. Yet most of the time, you’ve to look everywhere to find company contact details. 

Instead of checking the FAQ page or chatting with a chatbot, I usually turn to social media hoping that this company has good webcare in place. I’m always relieved to spot a WhatsApp button. Why, you’re wondering? 

Because I can instantly text them to find out what happened, unlike when you call customer service and are put on hold forever.   

WhatsApp is a valuable tool for marketers, but it’s largely underused and underrated by most. This is a wasted opportunity, since WhatsApp is accessible, fast, free and one of the world's most popular chat platforms! It offers lots of ways for marketers to easily connect and interact with customers, and learn more about their wants and needs. In case you’re not convinced, here are five key reasons why you should definitely give it a go: 

1. Your target audience is on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the leading messaging platform in 109 countries and has over 2 billion users around the world, according to Statista. 71% of users are between the ages of 18 and 44, and it’s Gen Z’s favorite communication channel. All of these stats are pointing to the fact that your target audience is already using WhatsApp. 

2. WhatsApp offers high user engagement

The engagement on WhatsApp is incredible. 65 billion texts are sent daily with a 98% open ratio and 90% being responded to within 3 seconds of receipt. This means that there is a 2% chance that messages will go unread. A great opportunity to start interacting directly with your customers and build a personal connection. 

3. It’s free

WhatsApp has launched its business app in the beginning of 2018 and is now available as a worldwide marketing platform. The good news? It’s free of charge with a wide range of features. Including a broad and engaged user base, the ability to share content using multiple media formats and a seamless connection to customers.

4. Most people prefer chat over phone calls

Reaching out to your target audience via their preferred channel is important in any marketing strategy. Did you know that more people use their smartphone for texting than they do for phone calls? Having a business account on WhatsApp ensures you’re available to customers at all times and that they can reach out to you at their own convenience through something as simple as a quick text.

5. Improved customer service and experience

Including webcare in your marketing activities can help create a unique and personalized customer experience. You can use WhatsApp to resolve customer queries, send updates about product and delivery tracking, reach out through voice calls and integrate chatbots for a seamless shopping experience. By implementing WhatsApp you’ll have a fast communication platform that allows you to be accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Instant messaging tools like WhatsApp will help you connect with your customers. Even better is, that your customers can also reach out to you whenever and wherever they need you the most. A win-win for both sides, so why not give it a go?

Pim van Helten

Pim van Helten


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