How Nike seized the CX throne

This guide delves into Nike's reign over CX and the key factors that contribute to the brand's long-term success. Dive into Nike's world and learn how to build a CX that consistently wins customers over.

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How Nike seized the CX throne

Nike is a brand that is known and loved by people all over the world. Their immersive brand experiences, ultra-personalized customer journeys, and award-winning creative campaigns have taken the world by storm. 

At DPDK, we’re huge fans of Nike and our collaboration with the athleisure giant offered a window into what makes the brand so successful. We can tell you that this is a brand that isn’t afraid of taking risks and never stops innovating - a brand we can all learn from. 

In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into Nike’s customer experience (CX) and share 3 key lessons for you to learn how Nike stays ahead of the CX curve. The insights from How Nike seized the CX throne are applicable to every brand that wants to achieve CX success. Download the guide and discover: 

  • What it takes to be a CX leader 
  • The importance of omnichannel experiences 
  • The transformative impact of Nike’s metaverse activities and how you can follow suit 
  • How your offline experience can boost your online presence (and vice versa)  
  • How technology can bring creative ideas to life and enables you to craft immersive and differentiated experiences 
  • The role personalization plays in creating a stellar CX 

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